BEST SUPSQUATCH pics of this winter. Saint Martin

Here is some pics of our best SUPSQUATCH sessions of this winter, our new board is just AMAZING!
Open to everyone, you can surf with a guide or just rent the board and paddling on the flat and paddling in the turquoise water of Grand Case bay with your friends or your family.
The surf outing is awesome, you can surf together on the same huge inflatable SUP board, 4 to 6 people, small wave or big waves!
100% fun and surf

surf spot-saint martin-sup-supsquatch

sup surfing-stand up paddle surfing-supsquatch-saint martin

surf-saint martin-supsquatch-sup-kayak-Grand Case

surf-stand up paddle-surfing-surf-sxm-saint martin

surf-saint martin-sint maarten-SUp surfing-stand up paddle

surf tour-saint martin-sup-supsquatch

surf-saint martin-SUP-supsquatch

surfing-sint maarten-sup surfing-supsquatch

stand up paddle tour-supsquatch-kayak-surf-sint maarten

surfing-saint martin-sxm-sup surfing-

surf-saint martin-stand up paddle-supsquatch

stand up paddle surfing-saint martin-supsquatch-sup-sxm

surf-saint martin-lessons-sup-supsquatch

supsquatch-saint martin-surf-SUP-stand up paddle

surf-sxm-saint martin-supsquatch-stand up paddle

surfing sxm-sup-supsquatch-stand up paddle-saint martin

surf-sup-kayak-stand up paddle-saint martin

supsquatch-saint martin-sint maarten-SUP-surf